Sunday, July 25, 2010

Minnie Mouse Party

L turned 4 recently and for the second year in a row she requested a minnie mouse party. This is a girl who loves everything Minnie. In fact, if there is a polka dot anywhere, on anything she dubs it a Minnie. Because her birthday fell on a Monday and because J was out of town for the week, we opted for a small party at home with a few friends. Dinner was pizza, salad and fresh fruit. Dessert was cupcakes and lots of candy. I am the least crafty person around, but the girls and I had so much fun with a few projects for the party. We made Minnie Mouse centerpieces by painting styrofoam balls black and attaching two smaller round ones to a large round one. I originally saw this idea at this adorable minnie party. We cut out lots of minnie faces to use for signs and gift bags. My favorite project was the pinata. Since they only make a pink minnie pinata and L wanted red I copied a project I saw here to make one more consistent with the party. In the original, she creates a pinata from scratch using a large diaper box. Not quite brave enough to attempt it on my own, I purchased the mickey mouse pinata and covered it in layered, black crepe paper and a signature red polka dot bow. L loved it. I hated to throw it away at the end of the night. Another highlight for the girls were the "minnie mannies." I painted fingernails red and added white polka dots. L had a great time celebrating with her friends and was thrilled to receive a beach towel, sunglasses, coloring book, markers, water bottle, backpack and pajamas all featuring the one and only minnie. When J got home we celebrated again with a trip to Disneyland. As a special treat we took L to the Pat E. Cake Party at Carnation Plaza with Minnie and Mickey. The kids got to decorate their own minnie cake and meet the infamous duo. All in all it was okay. Not sure I would do it again or recommend it to others. Here's to hoping next year we celebrate with a different theme!

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