Friday, July 9, 2010


We finally did it. After months of debating, we finally broke down and got the girls a dog. We had our hearts (and wallet) set on adopting the newest member of our family. We had been perusing pet finder here and there. Then one day, on our way to see Toy Story 3, we happen to drive by a pet store (Bark-n-Bitches - love the name) with a sign out front that said "pet adoptions." My husband, the long hold out in the pet - no-pet debate said, "why don't we just look." He warned everyone before we went into the store that we were absolutely, under no circumstance getting a dog. We were only looking! Of course everything changed when a cute, scruffy terrier mix crawled into his lap. The next words out of his mouth were. "who wants to keep him!" Lewis has turned out to be a great addition to our family. The girls love him - O maybe too much. Poor Lewis can often be found under the bed hiding from her. He has the sweetest disposition and couldn't be more loving. We are one lucky family.

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